Saturday, 8 April 2017

Two days at UKM Bangi : Sea Games 2017 Volunteers Training

This is a long overdue post. But I would still share this in my blog. Yay alhamdulillah I got accepted as a volunteer for Sea Games 2017!!!!

The application was opened around early 2016, and I applied around this time last year, which was after I finished my foundation. I applied for myself and did not tell anyone. I have been waiting for their e-mails since forever, I went to KL2017 instagram and twitter for updates. The updates assure me that they are processing the applications. Anyways, when UKM Official Facebook page updated on the first cohort of training, I was quite excited because "Oh they are starting to giving out e-mails already!" Until.... my roommate already got an e-mail from the secretariat and I still have not (this was around January if I'm not mistaken), so I felt a bit down. My friend from primary school also uploaded a photo of her on fb joining the training. Don't they want me? :(

Monday, 6 February 2017

ASASIpintar Semester 1 Events: LLA Poster Exhibition

Salam & hi

This post is part 3 on ASASIpintar. For the whole two semesters of ASASIpintar, I joined a lot of activities/programs. Since I was a part of the students representative council (MPP), so most of the programs I was the committee member. For first semester, we had LLA Poster Exhibition. It was kind of an annual event held to exhibit our creative posters that we made for LLA assignment. LLA is a course that appreciates literature and language, hence the name of the course; Language & Literary Appreciation. For this poster exhibition, MPP was not in charge. Each set has their own committee member (AJK) and. They worked hard to make the event a success from sending out invitations to ordering the boards (where they put our posters). The event was held for a week. Some photos from the events;

Me and my poster

 There were around 400+ posters because each of us need to create two posters. A concrete poem and a poem on a given topic. Yeah it was a time to discover your creativity! There is no saying no to your creative-ness. I did think a lot to create my concrete poem. Nevertheless, everyone did a great job to complete their assignments and the committee member for the LLA Poster Exhibition did a wonderful job on their part. Mr Salleh did a great job to teach us on editing using PowerPoint. Never did I thought that we could edit or create a masterpiece by using PowerPoint. I only thought photo editing/ poster making is only by using Photoshop. Thank you for new ICT skills at 19 years of age hehehe.

Will continue with another events soon!

Thursday, 26 January 2017


Salam & hi,

Part 2 of this post on ASASIpintar. This post I'll mix languages and will mostly will be typing in Malay. Kali nak cerita pengalaman sepanjang duduk dekat Kolej Keris Mas, UKM. For short, panggil KKM je ok. Sebenarnya bila dah masuk universiti bukan asrama pun, kita duduk kat kolej kediaman. Kalau kolej kediaman di UKM biasanya sebilik dua orang. Ada single room juga tapi biasanya pelajar asasi / pelajar tahun satu dapat bilik yang dua orang.

Anecdote: Mula-mula masa bakal students aspi dekat group whatsapp depa duk borak pasal KKM kan, sis tak faham ingatkan kementerian kesihatan malaysia hihi maaf lah ya. Lepastu baru tahu depa duk borak pasal kolej kediaman sebenarnya.

Since it was my first time ever to live away from home (not really away though because Seri Kembangan and Bangi is like 15km away), I googled whatever things I needed to prepare to bring to UKM. Of course, being an organized person I am (a bit la), I prepared a to-bring list. Anyways, I came to KKM with only a luggage + my pillows. Sikit je kan?


Tanki depan blok untuk kegunaan kecemasan apabila tiada air. In between blocks pun ada tanki air. Maklumlah, UKM katanya selalu bekalan air terputus. Selalunya aku ambil air di tingkat bawah tu. Jemur baju pulak dekat belakang atau tepi blok. Senang sebab cepat kering banyak cahaya matahari. Depan bilik ada tempat menyidai juga tapi sebab kurang cahaya matahari aku tak selalu sidai depan bilik. Mujurlah bilik pun tingkat dua je nak pergi jemur baju turun satu tingkat je. Nak basuh baju pulak? Naik satu tingkat, dekat tingkat 3 ada bilik membasuh. Tingkat tiga sama aras dengan jalan.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

What is ASASIpintar UKM?

Salam & hi,

Being the alumni of this Asasi, I will share about this foundation/pre-u programme. I know you guys who are reading this are 2016 SPM leavers so I hope this sharing will benefits you and helps you to in making choices for your UPU. I was a student of ASASIpintar for 2015/2016 session. Well, some of you might not heard about ASASIpintar before because it's a new foundation programme. Maybe you only heard about this Asasi when scrolling down the UPU choices (am I wrong?) I'm the fifth batch of ASASIpintar btw. I'm currently an undergraduate at UKM. If you guys are wondering why am I typing ASASIpintar like that and not like Asasi Pintar, it is just the way how ASASIpintar is spelled. It is the trademark so yeah. Why pintar? Because we are pintar like that (ok just kidding). I think it's because we're under PUSAT PERMATApintar Negara so the name pintar should be retained

ASASIpintar is a pre-university programme. This programme prepares students to enter Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) for undergraduate studies. Mind you, this is not like Asasi in UM or UiTM where you can apply to other universities for undergraduate studies, so by all cost, if you choose ASASIpintar, you will further your studies in UKM. A bit of UKM's history.....
Like the name implies, it is the only national university of Malaysia. Founded in 1970 and it is the 'nation's university' because the citizens themselves collect money to raise fund to build a national university where the national language, Bahasa Melayu is used.
Main campus at Bangi (Top aerial view image by UKM Portal)

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Finals soon

Salam & hi,

I am writing in my dorm room and I sort of wanted to write after not writing for so long ( so so soooooooooo very long ah). Last week was the last lectures for the semester and this week we only have labs session. One for Biochemistry and the other is Physiology. This week will be the last lab sessions. Next week we gonna have a Maulidur Rasul holiday and tutorials classes. What does it means? Finals are approaching!!!!!! In three weeks time!!!! Yep, the week after next week is the study week.

I'm so gonna ace this exam! I don't want to repeat the mistakes I did during asasi. Yeah, I'm still thinking about my asasi days from time to time (Should I make a post about this or nah heee).

Do make du'a for me people, love you xoxo

Ps: the photo above was taken during our interaction day. fun bunch for the next four years may we graduate together inshaAllah.
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