Sunday, 17 November 2013

K-dramas again.

Dramas I watched during July to now. All are 2013 aired dramas except for Queen InHyun's Man
  • Good Doctor (KBS2)
  • Jang Ok Jung, Living in Love (SBS)
  • I Hear Your Voice (SBS)
  • Master's Sun (SBS)
  • The Heirs (SBS) *ongoing
  • Dating Agency: Cyrano (tvN)
  • Monstar (tvN)
  • Queen InHyun's Man (tvN)
Lol now that I listed these, I didnt watch MBC dramas since I Miss You (on January) and KBS2 also I only watch Good Doctor. The last drama I watch from KBS was in January too, which is School 2013

Good Doctor

A medical drama, with some love story in it. Tbh this drama doesnt include too many medical thingy. I think this drama focus more on the love theme. Yup. Because I've watched another medical drama Golden Time and seriously that drama was all about medical and doctors and politics in the hospital. Good Doctor, too, has some politics in the hospital. Whenever the politics scene came up, I always skipped the part bahahahaha. Joowon is doing a good job as usual. And Moon Chaewon, my pretty unnie aigoo she's one of the reasons I watched this drama tho. Read more about Good Doctor here.

I Hear Your Voice

A supernatural theme. Well, the hero could read people's mind whenever he wants so yeah. It helps a lot because the backdrop is court life. Lawyers, prosecutors, judges etc. When I first know that Lee Jongsuk gonna be in this drama, I was excited. Yup at least I could see him again in another drama after School 2013. I'm TeamJongsuk not TeamWoobin fyi hahah. And when I saw the poster for I Hear Your Voice, I thought he gonna be second lead. But whaaaaaaatttttt I only found out he's the hero when I watch the drama. Lololololololol. The couple in this story is nuna-dongsaeng relationship. Means, the heroin is older than the hero. And oh the one who played the young female lead, is my favourite Kim Sohyun. She's always great at acting out pain memories. And I praised Lee Boyoung's (female lead) acting. Indeed, a senior in this industry. Eventho its my first time watching her acting but she's jjang all the way.
This drama pretty gave me so much feels. Sometimes it hurt to watch this drama haha. I still remember I was like "noooooooooooooooo" all the way and sometimes "whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy" haha idk I barely remember but yeah this drama gave so much feels. Find out more here.

Master's Sun

Another supernatural theme drama. Haha idk I just call this supernatural because the heroin could see ghosts. Who wouldn't be scared if everyday need to face ghosts everyday when you dont want to. 
This is such a fun drama to watch (well if you're not scared of ghost of course). I thought I'm gonna have ghosts in my dream after done marathon 6 episodes in a day but nah, I didn't. Romantic comedy of a couple in their thirties. The female lead who can see ghosts need to help the ghosts with their unfinished business int the world. If she refuses, the ghost will forever disturb her so she had to help anyway. Interesting thing is that when she touches the male lead, the ghost will disappear. That's why she thought she needs to hold onto that man. And many other actors/actresses came to cameo since this story is about ghosts so every case is different. Sometimes I felt sad, knowing the story behind of those ghosts. And one more, Kim Myungsoo aka L from INFINITE act as the young of the male lead. But I think the real male lead itself, might want Yoo Seungho to act out the young of himself. But since he's serving in the army now so... T_T I kinda want to see him more in dramas because his acting in I Miss You is so nice til I hate him lol because he's the villain in the drama. Since I've watched Gong Hyojin (female lead) in the drama Thank You, I kinda reminisced how the way she cried is the same. Hehehe I still remember the pain of watching Thank You tho. But in this drama, luckily, most of the time she was being crazy and smiling and being such a cutie. As for Seo Jisub (male lead), in the middle of the drama I questioned myself 'why must this old ahjussi be so handsome'. He's 20 years older than me hahahaha. And Seo In Guk is also handsome working as the head of security (but secretly a spy). More on Master' sun here.

Favourite ghost! Coffee ghost!

Dating Agency: Cyrano
All the guys behind Cyrano Agency
I love Ah Rang (the boy at left) the most bc his character is so cute.
This is about an agency that makes other people's to fall in love with each other. Just like Master's Sun, in every episodes there are some actors/actresses that cameo in the drama. Some of them are Lee Kwangsoo (Running Man) and Lee Taemin from SHINee. A fun and relaxed drama to watch. Well watch it just to kill time will do. But the titbits gave some sort of warmness. Lol idk how to describe it. SNSD Sooyoung is the female lead fyi. Find out more here!


A drama about a group of teenagers finding the meaning of life. Well yeah, something like that. And some of them end up liking each other. Some have friendship problems, family problems, but the main theme of this drama is music. In every episodes, they will be songs that being recreated to give new feels. And some of the songs are nice too. It stucked in my head for a few weeks too haha. Beast's Junhyung is the male lead in this drama. But eventho its a highschool drama, I feel that it cant beat how I like School 2013 more. Because the casts in School 2013 gave warmness. Well sorta like that. More info about this drama here.

Queen InHyun's Man

I really wanna watch this drama but its kinda left unwatched haha. This is a 2012 drama. A time-travel theme. I recently finished watching this drama, just right after my three days marathon of Master's Sun ended. I was curious when I read the synopsis of Queen InHyun's man because I thought the Queen from Joseon had a secret man in Seoul. But then its not. The Queen InHyun is not the Joseon Queen InHyun. Rather confusing if you didn't watch it. This drama is really unexpected. The writer is great at creating this drama. I couldn't even guess what will happen next. Its also different from another time-travel drama that I've watched because it keeps going back and forth from the year 1690s to 2012. Seriously why didnt I watch this drama earlier. The couple in this drama dated in real life after the drama ended. Might as well fell in love during filming right? Teehee. 
While watching this drama, the fact that the drama itself about history, made me go to wikipedia to search for some info. So King Sukjong's wife which is Queen InHyun was wronged and exiled out from the palace while the evil Jang Ok Jung (the king's concubine) hold the power (?) well something like that.
Yoo In Na is the female lead and seriously I've never know that she ever act in any dramas. So I just get to know that this drama is her first drama as the lead. She's such a cutie seriously her voice is too cute. I cannot with her voice. The cute low tone voice is not annoying to my ears at all. The hero also, I've never seen him before so maybe the reason I postponed watching this drama is because the casts that I've never heard before and the confusing synopsis lol but now I glad that I watched it. Here is this wiki link to this drama.

Jang Ok Jung, Living in Love

I've just started to watch this drama. The leads are pretty good too. And I've seen so many familiar faces in the drama so its a good start for me. Its like "eh this girl is from ___ drama" "this mom is from ____" "that blabberring girl is from ___". And since I've never watch any drama that really shows the evilness of Jang Ok Jung, it wasn't awkward to watch this drama. In Queen InHyun's Man only showed a little of Jang Ok Jung as the bad one that made Queen InHyun's lived outside the palace. In the real history, Jang Ok Jung is mean, greed for power while Queen InHyun is the kind one but in this drama its vice versa. Well I think so because so far I watch, InHyun is mean (she tried hard to marry the Crown Prince) while Ok Jung has already captured the Crown Prince's heart from the start (but I dont think they could marry this easily ha). And since I've only watched three episodes I couldn't say much. More about this drama here.

The Heirs

Who wouldn't know this drama? I bet all the teenagers would know because this drama is full of flower boys. And the actresses are all pretty too. So far this drama is doing good. But for me, it doesnt give as many feels as other dramas. For me, so far, this drama is just okay. For teenagers' love with the backdrop of chaebol. Park Shinhye is amazing as usual. Kim Woobin keeps improving so yeah, but I'm still TeamJongsuk lol. And I like Park Minhyuk (Chanyoung) character. I'm surprised when I saw this girl in this drama. I've seen her in School 2013, although her role there is small, I kinda like her acting. And then she's in another mini drama along with Beast's Gikwang. I kinda like her personality when acting. Yup, seeing her again in The Heirs is good too. Ok I dont know what to write anymore... Click here for more about The Heirs.

Looks like I've wrote so much for Master's Sun and Queen InHyun's Man right? That's because these are the dramas I've finished watching recently so I have quite much to write. And it has been long since I last watch a saeguk (korean historical drama). Queen Inhyun's Man, the first saeguk I watch for 2013, made me remembered all those olden way of speech like. Its quite different than the modern way of speech but yeah. And then the hanboks in Jang Ok Jung, Living in Love. Ahhh my eyes really love the colours of the hanboks. How they match the tops and the skirts. And the hair accessories too. Aishh so in love. And how I realized all the sageuk, were not 100% will follow the real historical facts. Haha yes, I just realized it now. In Queen InHyun's Man drama, the hero was supposed to be a scholar living in Joseon during 1694 that protects Queen InHyun from being killed by Jang Ok Jung and her people but in actual historical fact, he doesnt exist in history. And I got to remember all how Joseon era is about the hierarchy. And how the power wasn't in the King's hand but the ministers. Sageuk, how long I've not been watching sageuk. Feels are slowly coming back. And since I've watched many k-dramas, I wont be surprised if the lead will have some sort of amnesia for a short while. It always happened in k-drama land. 

Til next post.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Exam dah habis.

Setelah sekian lama....... Hi blog.

Cuti sekolah lagi dua minggu.
Tapi sebab exam dah habis, boleh lah nak tengok drama yang dah tertangguh sebab exam hari tu. Oh yeahhhh tapi tahun depan dah jadi senior. Hahahaha cam apa je tak dapat bayangkan ah batch 97 jadi senior tahun depan.

Will I ever update this blog again?
No one hears me.
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