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3 March (SPM Result Day)

The night before I could not sleep early. I tried to, but still I could not. I tried to keep myself busy, by reading a novel. And after reading for more than hour, I could finally sleep. The morning of  three-three (03 March) (such a historical event for me), I could not recall what I felt back then. Maybe some butterflies in my stomach? Haha. I didn't get to take a full breakfast (is there such a thing?) and I remembered feeling like a loner as I was one of the earliest to arrive among my cliques (clique eh?).

When my friends finally came we sat on the first row of the school hall which we called Dewan Seri. Hamboi, so semangat eh duduk depan. We had 'Taklimat Tingkatan 6' and our principal gave a few words of wisdom (ceh ceh). It was the new principal, Datin Kamariah, which we only saw her a few times because she only came last year (around the time we were taking SPM I think). So I chatted for a lil bit with them. Took photos (more like selfies haha). Pastu tak tau nak buatpe dah. Tak senang duduk aku. I could not wait to know my results hahaha it was already 11+ when they started calling the 6As achiever. Fyi, my mom advised me not to check by SMS. So yeah, I didn't. Some of my friends checked earlier, and they already knew their results.
Adleen, the ambitious girl evah!
Nerve-wrecking moment started when the teacher called the 8A's achievers name. I tried to pay attention to all the names announced. 8As done. 9As done. My name wasn't called to the stage. Then my friend who got 7A (or was it 8A, I'm sorry) went down the stage and told me my results. WALAOOOOOO I was like stunned there kau tahu? The teacher started calling for the straight A's achievers' name and my heart went dup dap dup dap. Adleen, Sufina, Chong Liyin, Sanjif... Where's my name kan? I was the last one to be called. Nangis ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Teary eyed while walking to the stage. But managed to smile to the camera (hahaha what even kan?), Hugged with friends on stage. I didn't expect to get this results. Because I thought maybe I would only got mixed A's. Rezeki Allah alhamdulillah. Cekal powerpuff girls (or so Sufina called it), which consist of the only Malay girls in Cekal  (me, sufina, adleen) managed to get straight A's alhamdulillah.

10A+ alhamdulillah. 
Gegurls 5Setia
First time meeting Amalia after such a long time! Tahniah wirawati!

Terima kasih semua.
Ummi abah. Keluarga. Cikgu-cikgu. Kawan-kawan.
Couldnt thank you enough for this.
Apa lagi yang memberi rezeki sebanyak ini.

Apa pun jadi lepas ini, semuanya ketentuan Allah. Kita merancang, Allah yang menentukan. What are my plans for now? Applying for scholarships. Khazanah, Maybank, JPA, PNB, Petronas. But most of them don't offer medicine (only Khazanah I guess?). I'm thinking of medicine because I really like Biology hehe. But at the same time I kinda like business/management as well. Tengoklah macam mana. If you asked me why I didn't apply for Kijang Emas, well, they (the website) sort of rejected me even when I have not submit my application. I could not proceed to the next page after filling up my co-curricular activities. Maybe because my koko isn't that wow-ing. Takpe, banyak lagi jalan.

P/s : I am eligible for KPM Bursary 2014. Lagi sekali, alhamdulillah.

A lil token of gratitude for the teachers. 

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